It’s Christmas in the Banana Republic

The bloodless quality of politicians … Mounting concern over government mistreatment of Biloela family … History of political and legal dead-ends … The high cost of cruelty … Big Ben in the Box … Onanists’ corner

Porter’s Pork Pies

Ex-wives week … Speaking up against the former hubby … The needle on the Christian’s lie detector goes off the scale … Multiple reasons why it could be reasonable to say Benito is a “rape apologist” … Mar-a-Lago’s spooky nut-job … Vroom, vroom for electric utes, mate

Feeding the chooks

Magical finding about PM’s people undermining Brittany Higgins … Slippery work from Schmo’s Svengali, Doc Kunkel … Porter ground to powder as ABC refuses to concede … Sydney University’s Chau Chak Wing wing … Britain’s tabloid tormentor dead at 81¬†

Here’s Hydra – where’s Hercules?

Porter’s parade of legal talent is disrupted as his costs spiral … Thanks Janet … Refugee advocate raises a bucket of money to take on Benito Dutton in libel lottery … Further fabrications from Gassy Grassgate Gussy … Give Barnaby a banana

Just Joshing

The Nasty Party brings home its bacon … Christians getting persecuted at Coalition senate ticket preselections … Pulling the velvet ropes on the Iron Curtain … Farewell to a rare bird who flew off the bench

The Battle of Porterloo

Porter v ABC … The meter is on and the costs are piling up … Titanic struggle … Big risks … Minister wants to defenestrate the ABC’s defence and control the disclosures … Managing the public interest … Constitutional defamation defence – details to hand … Electors’ right to¬†have information about elected officials

Benito calls up the lawyers

Benito on the warpath … China critic threatens defamation over criticism … Exciting new lobbying gig for Lord Downer … New ASIC boss ordered to go softly-softly … The Parrot’s ageist assault

Damage control

Lachlan mounted on his high-horse … Postal service in perishable meltdown … Another poll that tells us what we don’t need to know … A magic media moment

Phil the Greek

Death of Philip Mountbatten … One of the greatest men who ever lived … A god, a miracle … A nation rents its garments in grief … Someone who did nothing much will be missed, apparently … Australia unable to grow up as it clings to fantasies and frippery


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