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Fox hunt

Conniptions from Fox News ... ABC accused by third-rate News hacks of bias and ignoring facts ... Blue Balls and the non-accountability of elected representatives ... Beetaloo fracks its way to a pot of government gold ... Latest edition from the House of Goosebumps ... Transgender wannabe car mogul ... Tucker Carlson didn't fall far from the tree ... Cardinal in the dock as Vatican reels from London property frauds ... Freedom of thought and homophobia

Leader of the House

Administration of justice trumps open justice ... Critical allegations against The Christian Porter hidden from public gaze ... Lawyers referred to the Bureau ... Sky's the limit - rural rump gets the treatment ... Angus Taylor's gender confusion ... More power to the coppers - the rightward march of NSW Labor ... Onward Christian soldiers - quote of the week

The Lockdown Lounge

Smirko can't lie straight in bed - particularly when he's dreaming up new scenarios about the jab rollout ... Now he's issuing medical advice that makes medical people anxious ... Campaign against Grassgate Gussy gets momentum ... Big global spin doctoring business loses control of the message ... British judges warn about Sri Lanka and Australia's flawed asylum advice ... Wave of civil and criminal cases engulf Bone Spurs